Why can't I authorize SuperFreq (-61 and -192)?

On OS X:

  1. To install SuperFreq, place the 4 SuperFreq plug-in files in: Macintosh HD>Users>(your user name)>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>VST
  2. After installing the 4 SuperFreq plug-ins in step 1, double click the included authorizer application to launch it (fig A).

  3. (fig A)

    If you do not have this authorizer application or if you are attempting to use SuperFreq under Mac OS 10.4 *, you can download it from: SuperFreq Authorizer

  4. Enter your name, company, serial number, and the product authorization code (PAC) BIAS sent you via email upon registering your product online. Then, click "Authorize" (fig B).

  5. (fig B)

  6. An open dialog will appear asking you to locate one of the 4 plug-ins you previously installed in step 1. You should start with SuperFreq-4 (fig C).

  7. (fig C)

  8. Click "Open" to select the plug-in you wish to authorize. This will authorize the SuperFreq plug-in you selected.
  9. A dialog will now ask if you want to authorize any other plug-ins (fig D). Click "Yes" and choose another SuperFreq plug-in such as SuperFreq-6. Continue until all SuperFreq plug-ins are authorized.

  10. (fig D)

  11. Once you have successfully authorized each plug-in, try using the plug-ins within Peak 4. If you entered any incorrect information when authorizing the plug-ins, you will need to quit Peak 4 and start again at step 1.

* SuperFreq v.1 has only been tested on Mac OS 10.4.0, and is not supported on later versions of the Mac OS, (i.e., 10.4.1 and later).

SuperFreq v.2 is part of the BIAS Master Perfection Suite and is fully tested and supported in Mac OS 10.4 and higher as well as on the new Intel-based Macintosh computers. Fore more information about the BIAS Master Perfection Suite, click here.

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