A CD burned with Peak shows strange name on computer?!?

Q: I have a 44/16 stereo AIFF file created by Peak of material I recorded (i.e. not ripped or imported from a disk). I wanted to burn an audio CD of it.

  1. Open the file in Peak with no problem
  2. Click "Burn Audio CD" and insert a blank disk. "Regions are tracks" box is checked; there is one region encompassing the entire file.
  3. Peak burns the audio CD.
  4. Reinsert the new disk and it comes up with the title of "Yearlong Millennium Celebration". My data has nothing to do with any Yearlong Millennium Celebration?

I am not sure about what is going on here, but this repeated identically in a second attempt, and then in a third attempt after a cold boot (that is, I tried it again the next day after shutting down in between).

A: What you are seeing is the CDDB "Gracenote" data base is returning a "false positive".

Every time you insert a CD into your computer - iTunes attempts to get information from the CDDB "Gracenote" database.

The CDDB database returns its CD information based on how many tracks, duration of each track, and the overall duration of your CD. If there's a match it will return the results.

You can disable this feature in your iTunes preferences.

More information can be found at: www.gracenote.com

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