Snap To CD Frames & Clicks when burning CDs.


What settings can I use so that when I'm breaking a long, continuous program (e.g. a 60 min live recording) so that every time I make a track marker it will do so on a CD Frame so that I can avoid sector boundary errors, or worse, clicks on the transitions? I have my time unit set to CD frames. I have auto snap on, but it still seems my markers land anywhere they want. I just want the track markers in the right place.

How can I do this?


  • First, you'll need to make sure Auto Snap has a check mark next to it in the Options menu.

  • Second, go to the Audio menu, then to Snap To and make sure CD Frames has a check mark next to it.

  • If the Markers/Regions were placed before these two steps, or dropped in during playback or recording, you'll need to do this third step:

  • Hold down the shift key and adjust the Marker/Region positions manually. They will automatically snap to the nearest CD Frame boundary, but only if you hold down the shift key.

  • More Info:

    The data on Red-Book audio CDs is read 75 frames (sectors) per second. If you do not have Peak set to Snap to CD Frames when making your Markers or Regions, you may end up with a region boundary between 2 CD Frames. This will cause Peak to either add or remove some audio to conform the track time to a whole number of CD Frames when burning a CD .

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