SoundSoap Windows Registration

It is very important to choose the correct product in Step 1 of the BIAS Authorization Manager (the number of products that appear may vary).

If you received SoundSoap with the Roxio Easy Media Creator bundle, your product is

"BIAS SoundSoap SE 2.X"

If you received SoundSoap with the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11, your product is

"BIAS SoundSoap PE 2.X"

When it says "Trial" next to the product name in the BIAS Authorization Manager, this means that SoundSoap is running in "Trial" mode, not that it is a "Trial" version. This distinction in Step 1 is important because a product running in trial mode can be authorized and turned into a real working version just by entering a valid serial number.

Once you select the correct product in the list for Step 1, AND you type in the serial number and email address correctly in Step 2, the "Authorize" button will light up, click it. If you click Done before you click the Authorize button you will have to start all over again.

When you get the message...

You will need to click OK and enter your contact information on the following screen...

Once you click submit you will be able to start using SoundSoap 2.1

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