Using different devices for Input and Output with Peak

Using the same audio hardware device for both input and output is highly recommended.

If you are using a Core Audio device that does not have an output, you should create an Aggregate Device in Apple's Audio Midi Setup utility.

Follow the steps below for creating an Aggregate Device

  1. Without Peak running go to Applications>Utilities and launch the Audio MIDI Setup application.
  2. Go to the Audio menu and select "Open Aggregate Device Editor"
  3. Click on the "+" button to the left of where it says "Add and remove aggregate devices on your computer"
  4. In the bottom half of the window click the "Use" checkbox for both of the items listed as your Input device and Output device (they might show up as two separate items, one for inputs and one for outputs)
  5. Click the "Done" button and quit Audio MIDI Setup

Now you will need to designate the new Aggregate Device as Input and Output in Peak>

  1. Launch Peak and go to the Audio menu, choose Hardware Settings.
  2. Choose "Aggregate Device" as your input and output device

If your aggregate device consists of multiple audio hardware interfaces, each with multiple inputs/outputs, you will need to confirm which input/output channels you are using.

To choose the Input channels, go to the Audio menu>Record Settings and choose Device and Sample Format. Set the Record Through drop down to the appropriate channels.

To choose the Output channels, go to the Audio menu>Sound Out and choose Core Audio Format. Set the Play Through drop down to the appropriate channels.

Consult your Peak User's Guide for more detailed information.

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