DAE -55 when launching ProTools HD after using Peak.

This is a known issue with Digidesign HD hardware when it is used with Core Audio applications. The issue was introduced with the release of Pro Tools HD 7.4 software. The most common symptom is the appearance of a DAE -55 error when the Pro Tools HD 7.4 application is launched after running a Core Audio application with the Pro Tools HD audio hardware.

The Peak Pro 6.0.1 and Peak LE 6.0.1 updates address the way Peak interacts with Pro Tools hardware to prevent this issue from happening after using Peak. Be sure to get the latest updates for Peak and all of your BIAS software from our Updates download page.

If your Digidesign HD system is already exhibiting this behavior, you will need to follow the directions below in order to get it working again. Although you will not get a DAE -55 error when launching Pro Tools, this error can still be occur after using other Core Audio applications such as Audio MIDI Setup.

The workaround is to delete the DigiSetup.OSX file before launching Pro Tools HD. A new DigiSetup file will be created the next time Pro Tools HD is launched.

The DigiSetup.OSX file is located at:

Mac HD / Users / "Your Name" user folder / Library / Preferences / DigiSetup.OSX

Note that changing clock source and/or sample rate settings within Peak can still cause a
DAE -55 error to occur. When using Pro Tools hardware, make sure that any hardware configuration changes are done from within the Pro Tools Hardware Setup panel.

When Peak launches, it will use the current Pro Tools HD hardware settings. The only settings you may need to change would be the Play Through and/or Record Through channels if you are using anything other than Channels 1+2 on your Pro Tools HD hardware.

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