Legacy Status

As of January 1 of 2009, Deck, Deck LE and Deck SE are all legacy products. While they are still available to users who wish to purchase them, we strongly urge you to first see the FAQ on known issues as well as download the trial version to ensure that Deck will suit your needs.

Deck 3.5.3 - Known Issues

Any purchase of Deck 3.5.3 does include a license for Peak LE 6, which is the current shipping version of Peak LE and fully supported.

BIAS does not support legacy products. Legacy products are sold as-is, and will not be developed further. Refunds are not available for legacy products. Before purchasing a legacy product, BIAS encourages researching system requirements, as well as downloading and using a trial version to ensure system compatibility. Users of legacy products may find useful support information in the BIAS User Forums, provided by other users - BIAS User Forums are not an official resource for obtaining technical support.

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