To install your USB or Firewire audio device using Peak/Peak LE/Peak DV/OSX 10.2x:

  1. Please download the latest USB or Firewire driver from you hardware manufacturers website.
  2. Boot your computer system with your USB or Firewire device already installed to an available USB or Firewire port directly on your computer and NOT into USB or Firewire hub.
  3. Once your system is up locate the Peak application and run it.
  4. Then, from the Peak's audio menu, choose "Hardware Options". You should see the hardware options available for Peak (Fig. A).
    • To accept an input source, change the Input Device to your USB or Firewire audio device.
    • You can either listen to playback via your USB or Firewire audio device or use the built in audio controller (which is the built-in audio card inside your Mac). Depending on your preference, change the output device setting to your preferred listing environment (Fig. A).

    (Fig. A)

  5. After ensuring that you have connected your audio recording sources to your USB or Firewire device, and that the recording source is playing, press the "record" button located on the transport (Fig. B Highlighted in yellow)

    (Fig. B)

    * At this point you should be able to see a recording signal in the transport panel.

  6. The record dialog will pop up (Fig. C) — Press the "record" button (Fig. C highlighted in yellow) in this window and you will see a preview waveform of your recording as well as metering at the transport bar.

    (Fig. C)

    **If your USB or Firewire device is not available for selection within the hardware options window you can verify if the operating system is able to recognize it by launching the Audio MIDI Setup Application located in: Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities.

    (Fig. D)

  7. Ensure that all yellow highlighted fields are set to your preferred USB or Firewire hardware. If it is not an option please contact your hardware manufacturer for support.

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