Transport window shows the CD is still burning although the CD has already ejected

Some users have reported instances where a CD has been ejected even though Peak is still showing a message in the Transport window that the disk is either still burning our still being verified. This is obviously a little strange and has some users questioning the CDs burned from Peak, but there is no need to worry as this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the burned CD.

Peak uses Disk burning tools which are built into operating system to burn the RedBook compliant CD-Rs. When the CD is being burned, we are giving the information to the Disk Burning tools to burn that CD, at the same time we are getting "updates" about the status of the burn. Peak will display the CD burning status messages from the optical drive as they are received.

The issue you are seeing comes up when the burn status messages from the optical drive are delayed as the are given to Peak. This doesn't mean that the disk is bad, but you do have to wait until the system catches up before you get the Burn Successful dialog.

This behavior has not been reported in Mac OS 10.6, it seems to have been most common in Mac OS 10.4 with a few reports of it happening Mac OS 10.5.

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