DDP Export Options

When you Bounce a Peak Pro 6 Playlist to a DDP file set to be sent out for replication, you will be presented with a window like the one to the left.

Some of the options are straightforward, like the sample rate and bit depth. Since an Audio CD is always 44.1 KHz and 16-bit, we only allow the resulting DDP file set to conform to those standards. You would only choose to use Dither if you are coming from a source that is 24- or 32-bit.

The section for "Playlist events appear as:" is normally used when exporting the Playlist as an AIFF, SD II file, JAM Image or iTunes Playlist to determine whether or not you use regions to define the Playlist events or "Tracks".

To use CD Text for naming, you would need to not only enter the CD Text information for each Playlist track (found in the list view), but also enter the "Audio Compact Disc Info".


The check box labeled "Sony CD Text editor compatibility" is used to ensure that the CD TEXT.BIN files created by Peak Pro 6, as part of a DDP 2.0 file set, are readable by an older Sony product for reading DDP file sets.

Please keep in mind that by checking the checkbox for "Sony CD Text editor compatibility", your DDP may receive error messages when opened by Eclipse systems. It is advised that you do NOT have this option checked when exporting your DDP unless your replicator specifically asks for it.

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