Troubleshooting Peak 7 (Pro/LE/Express)

If you are having trouble with Peak 7 (Pro/LE/Express), make sure you have the latest version of your edition of Peak installed.

You can download the latest Peak updates here:

The next step to troubleshooting a problem in Peak is to delete your Peak preference files.

To access the Peak preference files go to the following directory:

/Mac HD/Users//Library/Preferences/

Please locate and delete the following files:

"ACA P7 Preferences"
"Peak 7.0 Preferences"

**NOTE: Peak allows you to import your preferences from an earlier version. If you are having trouble with Peak, it is recommended that you *not* do this, when setting Peak's preferences after having deleted them in the previous step. It's a good idea to remove any older Peak preferences and start with clean default preferences.

Once you have deleted your Peak preferences, empty the Trash and restart the computer. When your computer has restarted, launch Peak 7, and if asked to import older Peak preferences, choose No.

If you are using multiple hard drives with your editing system, you may want to change the Scratch Disk preferences. Click here to view the instructions.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

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