When bouncing a plug-in using Peak, I see that there are extra samples added to my audio file. Is there a way to correct this?

Some plug-ins (including 3rd party plug-ins) may add extra samples to your audio file(s) after bouncing.

Peak is capable of correcting this by adjusting plug-in delay compensation.

Here's how:

  1. Bounce the plug-in by locating: Plug-ins>Bounce.
  2. Then locate the Options menu>Time Units, and choose "Samples".
  3. Then locate the Options menu and choose "Show Cursor Info"
  4. Select the amount of samples the plug-in has added, and make note of that value which is displayed within the cursor window.
  5. Command+Z to undo the bounce.
  6. Hold down the Option key and locate: Plug-ins>Bounce. A window will pop up asking for you to input the amount of samples of compensation.
  7. Input the value you previously gathered in step 4.
  8. Click "OK"

This will compensate for the plug-in delay.

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