I am having trouble downloading an update for my BIAS product - Legacy updates page

Some common mistakes that will prevent you from being able to download a BIAS product update are:

Trying to download the wrong edition or version of a product
Please be aware that there may be a number of different editions of each product. For example, the Peak family currently consists of Peak Express, Peak LE, Peak DV, and Peak. Each edition of a product will generally share the same version number which means that there is a Peak Express 4.14, Peak LE 4.14, Peak DV 4.14, and Peak 4.14. You are only entitled to download the update that corresponds to the edition of the BIAS product that you initially purchased, or received as part of a bundle with another piece of software or hardware. If you are not sure what edition or version of a BIAS product you own, please do the following:

  1. Launch the BIAS application you use
  2. From the main application menu, choose About

  3. The "About" window contains both the edition name, as well as the exact version number.

Inadvertently copying and pasting extra/blank spaces when entering email address or product serial number
If you are attempting to copy your email address or serial number and paste it into the fields on the BIAS website to save time (rather than typing it in), that's fine — just be sure that you're not also copying extra blank spaces before or after the email address or serial number. Likewise, be sure you are copying the entire email address or serial number, and that you are not omitting any characters. Either case will result in an error that will deny you access to the updates page.

Please be sure to use the correct format when entering your BIAS product serial number.
If you are not sure of the correct format for your product's serial number, please consult the Licensed Products Certificate that was included with it it will show the correct format for letters, digits, dashes, spaces, and whether letters should be entered in UPPER or lower case.

(If your BIAS product was part of a bundle with another piece of software or hardware, please consult the packaging materials included in that bundle, as you may not have a BIAS Licensed Products Certificate.)

Note for Macintosh computers only
Some BIAS products have different builds, depending on whether you are using an Altivec-enahnced CPU, such as a G4 or G5, or whether you are using a pre-Altivec processor, such as a G3, or 603/604e processor. If the update you are trying to download presents you with options for which build to download, you will need to know what type of processor your Macintosh uses. When you first installed from the original BIAS installer CD-ROM, the installer program automatically detects the processor type and installs the appropriate build. When you download an update, you must be sure to download the appropriate update build for the processor type your computer uses.

Trying to download an update that you do not qualify for
For example, if you use SoundSoap 1.x, and you try to download the SoundSoap 2.01 updater. This isn't possible because SoundSoap 2.x is a paid upgrade for SoundSoap 1.x users. To use SoundSoap 2.x, you must contact BIAS and purchase an upgrade. If you need to purchase an upgrade, please contact the BIAS Sales department at:

Email: sales@bias-inc.com
Phone: 1-800-775-BIAS

Some common examples of problems and their solutions:

Problem: You own Peak LE 3.0 — and you try to update to Peak LE 4.14

Solution: This is not possible, as Peak LE 4.x is a paid upgrade. The highest version number you can download as a Peak LE 3.0 owner is Peak LE 3.21

Problem: You own Peak DV 4.0 — and you try to download the Peak 4.14 updater.

Solution: This is not possible, because "Peak DV" and "Peak" are different editions, which have different feature sets, and different prices. You may only download Peak DV 4.14.

Problem: You own Peak 4, and you try to download the Peak 4.1.4 updater, which you are entitled to, but you cannot access the update downloads page.


  1. You copied pasted your email address and/or serial number into the website fields and inadvertently copied additional blank spaces, or you did not copy the entire email address/or serial number Please try again, being careful not to add extra spaces or omit required characters.
  2. You made a typo when typing in your email address and/or serial number Please try again, being careful to enter your information correctly.
  3. You made a typo in your email address/serial number when you first registered your BIAS product, so the BIAS registration database contains this error. Now, when you try to access the update downloads page, you enter your actual, correct email address/serial number and you are denied access. If you think this is the case, please contact the BIAS Registration Dept. for assistance, and be sure to include your full name, address, email address, phone number, and the edition and version of the BIAS software product in question.
  4. You use multiple email addresses and you are attempting to log into the update downloads section of the BIAS website with a different email address than the one you initially registered with — In this case, please search your email history for the email that was sent to you from BIAS, that contained your Product Authorization Code from when you first registered. This was sent to the email address you entered, and should help you determine what email address to use when logging into the update download section of the BIAS website.

Please try the solutions provided above — chances are, the trouble you are having falls into one of these categories, and can be quickly and easily solved.

If you have tried all the solutions above and cannot access the update downloads section of the BIAS website to obtain the update you need — or if you have downloaded an update and cannot actually update your BIAS software, please contact the BIAS Registration Department for assistance at: BIAS Customer Support

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