About Plug-in Latency (Delay Compensation)

Some users may experience "extra" samples being applied after processing with Sound Soap and/or Sound Soap Pro when using it as a plug-in within some host programs.

Many plugins will produce latency after processing which is a natural byproduct of the DSP process. This latency information is published to the host program after processing. Its dependent on the host program whether or not it will receive this information and compensate for it. Some host programs will choose to ignore this information all together. Other host programs may have a way to manually compensate for latency.

For example: Pro Tools LE does not provide automatic delay (latency) compensation to RTAS plugins. Such a feature is available to RTAS plugins in the 'full' version of Pro Tools when using TDM hardware. If you are using Sound Soap Pro or Sound Soap 2 within Peak 5 and higher, the delay is automatically accounted for. If you are using Peak 4.14 or earlier,there is a way to compensate for this delay. A detailed FAQ on how to accomplish delay compensation can be viewed here

We should note that SoundSoap Pro 1.1 and higher, and SoundSoap 2.02 and higher will compensate for latency when used as an Audio Suite plug-in within Pro Tools. Registered users of Sound Soap Pro and SoundSoap 2 can download this free update available: here

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