Combining a SoundSoap Pro license with a Peak Pro 5 license on a single USB key?

I already own SoundSoap Pro and now have Peak Pro 5. How can I merge my SoundSoap Pro license with my Peak Pro 5 license so they only require a single USB key?

The BIAS key you received with Peak Pro 5 can be activated for both products by following these simple steps:

  1. Be sure that you have updated SoundSoap Pro to the latest version, 1.1 ( SoundSoap Pro 1.1 is required for compatibility with the new Peak Pro 5 USB Key and is a free update for registered users of SoundSoap Pro 1.0.
  2. After installing and activating Peak Pro 5, open the BIAS Key Panel (located in the System Preferences).
  3. Locate your original SoundSoap Pro serial number, select the SoundSoap Pro product within the product field in the BIAS Key Panel and enter your SoundSoap Pro serial number.
  4. Do not attempt to register yet - since your original SoundSoap Pro key is already registered, the new key cannot be activated until the license is transferred by BIAS. Entering your serial number will provide you with 14 days to complete the transfer process.
  5. Mail your original SoundSoap Pro BIAS USB Key using a traceable method of shipping (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, for example). Along with your original SoundSoap Pro BIAS USB Key, it is very important that you also include the following information:

    • Contact Information - Full name, mailing address, phone number, email address.
    • SoundSoap Pro Serial Number - Located on your SoundSoap Pro Owner's Certificate that was included with your Installation CD.
    • Peak Pro 5 BIAS Key I.D. - Located in the BIAS Key Preference Pane (System Preferences/BIAS Key). Important: Your Peak Pro 5 BIAS Key must be plugged into an active USB port in order to view the Key ID in the BIAS Key Panel.

    Don't forget to include your original BIAS SoundSoap Pro USB Key!

    Mail to:

    BIAS Inc.
    ATTN - USB Key Transfer Dept.
    121 H Street
    Petaluma, CA 94952

    Be sure to keep the BIAS USB Key you received with Peak Pro 5 so you can continue using your software while your original SoundSoap Pro USB Key is being shipped to BIAS.

  6. Once your original SoundSoap Pro USB key is received, we will email you a message indicating that you may now register and activate SoundSoap Pro on your Peak Pro 5 BIAS USB Key.
  7. Upon successful completion of this process, your new BIAS USB key will be activated for your original SoundSoap Pro license and Peak Pro 5.

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