Installation Error - The chosen volume contains software which is newer than the software you are installing.

Some SoundSoap Pro users may get the error message above when installing or updating SoundSoap Pro when Peak Pro 5 is already present. This has nothing to do with any older versions of SoundSoap 2 or SoundSoap Pro and will only happen to SoundSoap Pro users who also use Peak Pro 5.

This message is referring to the BIAS Preference Pane used in the System Preferences to access the BIAS Key. When SoundSoap Pro is used with programs other than Peak, it uses a different version of the BIAS Key Panel.

When you get this message click continue.

By using the "Customize" Install feature...

You can install only the SoundSoap Pro plug-in and not any of the HASP software.

More Information:

How do I combine my SoundSoap Pro license with my Peak Pro 5 license so they only require a single USB key?

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