Why doesn't my BIAS HASP key light up when I plug it in?

First, make sure you have the latest update for your version of your BIAS software installed. You can download the latest updates for Peak, SoundSoap Pro and other BIAS software here:


Double check that the USB port you are using is good. You can do this by plugging your mouse into it to see it it works. If the USB port is good, make sure you have the HASP drivers installed.

To do this on a Mac go to:

Mac HD > Library > Startupitems > and make sure the Aladdin folder is there.

In the Aladdin folder there should be two files:

If the Aladdin folder or its contents are missing you will need to re-install the your BIAS software from the original installation disc. Before you re-install you will need to do a couple things first.

In the Finder go to the "Go" menu and click on "Go to folder"

Type in "/usr/libexec" and click Go.

Drag the file "aksusbd" to the trash.

Now you will want to repair permissions on your Macintosh computer. To repair permissions, go to the Applications folder, then into the Utilities folder and open Disk Utility. In Disk Utility, select "Macintosh HD" and click Repair Disk Permissions. When Disk Utility has finished repairing Permissions, restart your computer.

When your computer is restarted Empty the Trash. Once the Trash is emptied you will now re-install your BIAS software. If you have both SoundSoap Pro and Peak Pro 5, install from the Peak Pro 5 disc. Once your software is re-installed, you will want to make sure you are updated to the most current version.


On a Windows PC go to:


and look for these three files

If any of these files are missing click you will need to re-install your BIAS Software. First use Add/Remove Programs in the Control panel of your Windows based PC and remove your BIAS software and restart your computer.

Once the computer is done restarting use the following link to download the latest version of your BIAS softyware and re-install it.


Once you have finished the installation, you should restart your computer.

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