BIAS Technical Support Policy

Unlimited Complimentary Self Help Options

If you have questions about installing or using your BIAS products, please check the manual or user guide first, you will find answers to most of your questions there. If you need further assistance, please check here for frequently asked questions, an extensive database of related articles, troubleshooting tips, and more.

Limited Complimentary Technical Assistance

Ninety days of technical support assistance for up to three incidents is available with the initial purchase of Type 1 BIAS products (Peak Pro, Deck, SoundSoap Pro, Master Perfection Suite). Ninety days of technical support assistance for a single incident is available with the initial purchase of Type 2 BIAS products (Peak DV, Peak LE, Deck LE, SoundSoap). Type 3 products (OEM versions) are excluded. Thirty days of technical support assistance for a single incident is available with the purchase of paid upgrades to Type 1 and Type 2 BIAS products. The support period begins when the product authorization code (PAC) is initially issued following the product registration. Fee-based Technical Support Options Fee-based Support is available for those customers whose support period has expired or for Type 3 (OEM version) customers.

Paid technical support — Registered users are eligible for the following paid support options:

Pay As You Go:

  1. $30 per incident
  2. $3 per minute - unlimited incidents

Pre-paid Support:

  1. $100 - 5 incidents within 6 months
  2. $150 - 10 incidents within 1 year
  3. $500 - 50 incidents within 1 year

To receive e-mail or telephone technical support, you will need a valid serial number and must be registered for a current BIAS product. Please keep your original product serial number and PAC in a safe place as it will be required for support. For customers preferring e-mail assistance please e-mail For customers preferring telephone assistance, (connect and toll charges apply), please have your computer running and close by the phone and call us at: +1-707-782-1865 (9AM-5PM Monday-Friday PST - excluding BIAS holidays).

For customers living outside of North America, please check the BIAS website for your local distributor or contact BIAS directly.

BIAS Support Policy and Hours

BIAS, Inc. support policy and hours are subject to change without notice.