The SoundSoap 2 VST format plug-in in Peak will not accept the serial or authorization codes, but the Stand Alone application opens fine.

SoundSoap 2 will show up as BIAS SoundSoap, this was done to take advantage of the way Peak 5 will organize the VST plug-ins.

So make sure you are choosing "BIAS SoundSoap"

and not "SoundSoap"

*What if you didn't buy a copy of SoundSoap 1? *

If you had a version of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro with Peak Express 3.3 or a copy of Roxio Toast and Jam 6 with Peak Express 4, a 14 day trial version of SoundSoap 1 was installed along with Peak Express.

To remove the SoundSoap 1 VST format plug-in from your computer, go to

Macintosh HD>Users>"Your Name" user folder>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>VST

Drag "SoundSoap.vst" to the trash and empty the trash.

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