How do I record via SPDIF from the Digi 001 into Peak?

Affected Software: Peak 3 (OSX), Peak 4 (OSX)

Affected Hardware: Digidesign 001

These instructions are only for users who are using version 6.5.2 of Digidesign's Core Audio driver. Digidesign no longer supports the 001 beyond the 6.5.2 driver.

Setup Instructions:

  1. First launch Pro Tools and go to Setup>Hardware Setup
  2. In the Hardware Setup dialog set the following options in this order:
    • Set the Optical Format to ADAT and turn off SPDIF mirroring
    • Set the clock source menu to SPDIF
    • Set the SPDIF Format to Other.
    • Click OK
  3. In Pro Tools go to Setup>I/O Setup.
  4. Click the Input tab to view your input routing.
  5. Click the Default button to reset all routing to their default assignments.
  6. You should now see all 18 inputs active and the SPDIF inputs set to 17 and 18.
  7. Quit Pro Tools
  8. Go into your Applications folder and into the Digidesign folder, and launch the Digidesign Core Audio Manager. Double check that the settings you made in step 2 are still correct. Make any changes to match the settings outlined in step 2.
  9. Launch Peak and go to Audio>Record Settings and click on the Hardware Settings button.
  10. Make sure your input and output options are set to the 001 and click OK.
  11. In the Record Settings window click on the Device and Sample Format button.
  12. Set the Record Through menu to "In 17 and 18", and set the Clock Source menu to Digital.
  13. Click OK in the Device and Sample Format window, and click OK in the Record Settings window.

You should now be able to record via SPDIF from the 001 into Peak.

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