USB Recording issues in Mac OS 10.4 and higher

Affected OS: OS 10.4 and higher

Affected Users: Deck 3.5.3 (LE, SE, and Pro) users who are recording through USB Audio devices.

Known issue: Deck 3.5.3 does not receive input signal when attempting to record through a USB audio device.

Current Workaround: There is a workaround to this issue using the Aggregate Audio Device tool. Follow these steps:

  1. Without the Deck software running go to Applications>Utilities and launch the Audio MIDI Setup application.
  2. Go to the Audio menu and select "Open Aggregate Device Editor"
  3. Click on the "+" button to the left of where it says "Add and remove aggregate devices on your computer"
  4. In the bottom half of the window click the "Use" checkbox for both of the items listed as your USB device (they should show up as two separate items, one for inputs and one for outputs)
  5. Click the "Done" button and quit Audio MIDI Setup
  6. Launch the Deck application and navigate to Options>Hardware Options
  7. Choose the "Aggregate Device" as your input and output device
  8. IMPORTANT - You must have both the Input AND Output device designated as the Aggregate Audio device or this will not work.

You should now be able to record successfully through your USB Audio device.

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